AV SCIENCE is the Home & Business AV solutions provider, we deal World’s best class reputed Brands & quality products and advanced technologies to our clients with premium range of equipments & AV systems more than 30 brands from various countries. We do Home Theatres, Professional and Commercial Audio Video projects of Home, Worship places, Hospitality, Public, Retail, Government, etc.

We specify technologies for your home or business AV solutions that are built for best performance, and simple to use, looks great and make your life easy and we will give the solutions according to the customer Home theatre Room, Space, Budget, In-wall , On-wall , hidden Custom- Install series systems...then we will customize the products, solutions to suit the customer Place from the world class reputed Audio & Video Brands then finalize the requirement of clients before setting out to design and implement the solutions.. We give High, Mid & Budget solutions that built for performance and simple to use and customer can choose the respect solution or package from the different options.

AV SCIENCE has started With over past 18 years of experience (10 years in Audio & Video industry and 8 years in Consumer Electronics industry), We give Consulting, Designing, Online sales by customer required products, Installation & Service.


Our Mission is to provide the World’s best class reputed Brands & quality products and advanced technologies to our clients with premium range of equipments, Audio Visual products, systems and services to our customers and to be profitable in the process. We are committed to maintain excellence and respect in all aspects of our professional and fair business management & conduct, our knowledge is constantly updated and we continually enhance our skills and abilities. We have worked as a Service oriented, proper commitment and mutual understanding both sides, always maintained for self Contentment work and best relation with our Network / Clients always.

Our past Experience 1 : We have Vast 18years Experience of the AV (Audio Video) and CE (Consumer Electronics), Since from the year 2000, From 2007 to 2016 for almost 10years in Audio Video Brands Sales, Marketing & Service management of my territory network Hyderabad, Telangana, AndraPradesh & Orissa. We have Marketed these leading AV brands DENON, DALI, PARADIGM, AUDIO QUEST, ELAC, TANNOY, MARTIN-LOGAN, ANTHEM, PEACH-TREE, HEGEL, ARCAM, DUNE 4K, ZAPPITI 4K, NORMUS, IN-AKUSTIK, KASPER, MITSUBISHI, & PANASONIC PROJECTORS, HITACHI PANELS & LD SYSTEMS Pro Audio products in Hyderabad, Telangana, AndraPradesh & Orissa regions.

Our past Experience 2 : We have worked 8 years for LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd from 2000 to 2007 and Job profile is LG CE & HA products Sales, respected Dealer network, Product training to ISDs and Marketing, ISD, Logistics & Service management day to day process of increasing the Sales in my territory part of Hyderabad area network.

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